antique restoration, refinishing, wood craft, craftsman
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antique restoration, refinishing, wood craft, craftsman
antique restoration, refinishing, wood craft, craftsman


Below are a few of the more popular questions we've received over our 20 years in the business.

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Do you offer pick-up and delivery service?

Yes. We service the entire South Florida Area and can pick-up and return your items to you. Contact us for details and/or to arrange pick-up.

What if I live far away?


We can help arrange for your item(s) to be shipped to us. It's really no problem and something we're happy to do. Please contact us for details and more information.


How do you strip the finish off an item?


We do all of our stripping by hand in an over-flow tank.  Basically, the stripper is poured over the finish, unlike “dip” tanks, where the furniture is immersed in a solvent.  This method is safer and less harsh than the “dip” method.  The finish is agitated off with nylon and soft brass brushes and the piece cleaned.


Will 100% of the finish get stripped off?


Our processes are guaranteed to take the finish "off of" items, but it will not always remove the paint or stain "out of" the item. Certain paints and stains are very difficult, if not impossible, to get out.


Is stripping safe?


At one time some refinishers used lye or extremely caustic acids to strip paint.  The unfortunate consequence was that the lye could also eat glue from the joints.  In the last 25 years, like most industries, products for stripping improved tremendously.  The strippers used by Ameriwoodcraft the past 20 years are the best in the industry. If a glue joint is solid before stripping, it will be solid after, and veneered pieces are able to be stripped without harm.


Does the stripping process affect the condition of the item?


Paint has the effect of holding items together, especially those that have been painted many times. A dresser, for example, will have its joints loosened over time through constant use. When it gets repainted, the paint seeps into the small spaces that form, and acts like glue, keeping the dresser joints more stable. When the dresser comes into our shop for stripping, the removing of all the paint from the surfaces and cracks may cause it to loosen up slightly.

Another thing you should expect is to "discover" things about your item when we strip it. We've seen many a treasure uncovered after stripping to reveal beautifully inlaid detail work. We also discover imperfections or damage that were painted/stained over to conceal them. Obviously the stripping process doesn't cause these things, but it may reveal them.


Do you refinish items too?


Absolutely. We have extremely talented craftsmen who can refinish a variety of items once we've stripped them. Repairing damaged items prior to refinishing is one of our specialties.

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